Welcome to my tiny (virtual) office!

If you visit me at my (real) office, we’d move out into the Resource Room where we could sit around a large wooden table and drink a cup of coffee and wonder where God is leading and how I can help you get there.

My job is to resource the churches of Newton Presbytery.  I do that by

  • effortlessly getting you the print resources you need,
  • doggedly researching on-line resources that are vital to your ministry,
  • joyfully working with church leaders to brainstorm ideas,
  • engagingly facilitating seminars with your leadership,
  • delightedly working with clusters of churches equipping them for ministry.

How can I help you?

Check out the IDEAS page for resource lists and how-tos.

Click on the CHECK IT OUT page to see what’s recently been added to the Resource Center.

And CONTACT ME with your questions, brilliant ideas that need a partner-in-crime to flesh out, or just to talk.

I’m here for you.

Grace and peace,


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